Founders Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen Launch

Press Release

April 8, 2010, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based internet and social media marketing company-announces today their launch of, to serve people of the twitter community on how to maximize their professional and personal experience with Twitter and social media marketing.

“This is an incredible time and opportunity with twitter and social media marketing, not only for, but for the advanced and twitter beginner,” said Co-Founder Al Ferretti. “We created Tweet to train, educate and help business owners, networkers, entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers and more with their online marketing needs.”

Along with providing valuable training and marketing techniques, delivers a complete online multi media system in the form of videos, conference calls, written content, podcasts, PDF’s, live events, customized Twitter backgrounds, consulting, webinars and more.

Co-Founder, Skeeter Hansen added “many people are lost and confused on how to be successful with twitter and social media marketing, is about keeping things simple, easy to follow and getting effective results.”

After Skeeter Hansen joined Twitter in December of 2008, he states “I first thought Twitter was all about how many followers you have.” Hansen then stated, “I quickly discovered by engaging, building relationships and providing value on Twitter, that the quality of followers was much more important than the quantity of followers.

The Internet has leveled the playing field in terms of marketing with the explosion of social sites. Now you can connect and market to people in real time and get results instantly with virtually no out of pocket expense.”

About Founded in early 2009, Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen are committed to creating and building long term relationships; creating high quality information products/services and implementing simple marketing systems that generates profitable results for online business owners worldwide. To learn more visit,  or contact them at or visit their blog at .